Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case

Product Details:

With the SEAWAG waterproof case, you will save your phone from its next jump into the water, or next exposure to the sand, dust, snow and more! All functions are preserved and touchscreen remains perfectly accessible so you will be able to use all functions and make calls as you would usually do. You can also take it underwater, and make incredible photos & videos

Fully waterproof up to 25 meters / 80 feet (IPX8 lab tested)
Snow proof / Sand proof / Dust proof
Fits all phones (case dimension: 5.7”)
Neck strap included

No refund or exchange. 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship; this is not intended to warrant against problems that may occur from heavy use or improper use. An original purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is required to document the date of purchase and the start of the coverage

Product Warnings:

SEAWAG or its affiliated companies, Importers, Distributors or Dealers shall not be responsible in any way for items or its data placed inside the case. It is solely the user’s responsibility to check before each use to ensure that the case remains fully waterproof.

Product Usage:

Instructions manual provided.
We recommend testing your case beforehand with a piece of dry paper or cotton. Properly check the case and accessories before each use for any damage.


ABS clip, PVC

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