Tube Insulator

Hydration system

Keeps the drinking tube and drinking valve of your SOURCE Hydration System insulated in extreme cold weather.

Hydration Tube Insulator

SOURCE Tube Insulator keeps your drinking tube and drinking valve insulated in extreme cold weather. Matches all SOURCE Hydration Systems.

Tube Insulator Features

As one of our cutomers put it recently: "The Source tube insulator is the most user friendly, adaptable, and effective insulator out there." The full length zipper makes it easy to fit it on your Hydration Pack.

The small pocket at the mouthpiece-end of the insulator is designed to hold a small hand-warmer device. Adding the hand-warmer prevents the Drinking Valve from freezing.

Insulation for your Widepac

Many of our packs come with an insulated hydration compartment, which will give your hydration bladder some protection from the extreme cold. As a standalone insulated and protected bladder we recommend our Durabag which will perform great in the heat and in the cold in combination with this Tube Insulator.


  • Length: 75cm
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