Trecime carbon pole (fix)

trekking poles

The model is the perfect mix of a pole in one size and a foldable one.

In 4 shafts, tubes are respectively: ø 14mm x 1pz in 100% carbon fiber, ø 12mm x 2pz in CaluTech, ø 12mm x 1pz in AluTech 7075 and the blocking system for the first section is Push-Pull. The others are fixed one each other through a strong rope that can be fixed to reduce eventual vibration.

New details for the black ergonomic grip Falco, its comfortable and extremely light strap and screwed support with carbide tip and a particular support of anodized aeronautical alloy complete the high level features of Trecime Fix.

Provided with: 1pa of screw baskets in diameter 50mm and a PE bag to replace your poles after use.

Weight per pair: 301 grams referring to 100cm.

Measures available: 100cm (closed 33cm), 110cm (closed 35cm), 120cm (closed 38cm), 130cm (closed 40cm).

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