Tear-aid standard


See-Through patch for repairing holes and rips, Air tight, waterproof, UV resistant, flexible, cuts to size

  • Repairs holes and rips
  • Type A
  • Suitable for use on :- fabric, leather, rubber, neoprene, metal, plastic and much much more
  • Includes - 1@225 x 75mm, 1@35 x 35mm, 1@22 x 22mm

Cut to size, allow for patch to extend beyond all edges. Peal back edge of backing paper. Stick to area remembering edge of patch to extend beyond of tear. Fully remove backing paper and rub all over to seal. Where possible apply patch to both side of tear.


1@225 x 75mm,

1@35 x 35mm,

1@22 x 22mm,

cleaning wipe, strengthening line and instructions


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