Shepa (with anti-shock)

trekking poles

Realized for an enthusiastic trekker, this pole has great technical features.

Produced in three sections (ø 18-16-14mm) in AluTech 7075 to guarantee endurance and reliability, this model is assembled with Palmo grip an additional short extension to permit a quick use walking in difference in height without adjust the sections' length; provided with light strap annd minimal buckle.

The blocking system SBS Super Blocking System guarantees high locking reliability, thanks to its double cone of expansion realized with DuPont® plastics; the new Tip-Top system of the support with tungsten tip is ideal to replace/remove quickly the basket: the equipment includes baskets of ø 85mm.

The pole measures 65cm closed to achieve 140cm in the maximum extension (110cm minimum), whereas its weight per pair is 524gr.

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