Photon Wire Express KS Dyneema 20cm 快掛

  • A lightweight quickdraw designed for big alpine routes
  • Equipped with two hyperlight, full-size Photon Wire carabiners
  • 11 mm Dyneema dogbones available in 11 and 20 cm lengths feature the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the rope end

The Photon Wire Express Dyneema is different from other lightweight quickdraws because its carabiners are still full size. In fact, the Photon Wire has a gate opening that is up to 25% bigger than other carabiners in its class. This makes clipping, cleaning and rigging easier in general, but especially noticeable when wearing gloves. The Photon Wire has been updated with a new body design that increases strength and rigidity and a redesigned interface between the gate and nose to help protect the wire gate from damage or accidental opening.

The 11 mm Dyneema dogbones (available in 11 and 20 cm lengths) are equipped with the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer that prevents the rope end carabiner from shifting. The combination of Dyneema dogbones and the full-size Photon Wire carabiners make these draws a perfect choice for ice climbing where wet conditions and gloved hands create a whole new set of demands.


2474 (11 cm) – 69 g, 2.4 oz
2475 (20 cm) – 72 g, 2.5 oz

Size Strength
Photon Wire
26 100 62 22 8 9
Photon Wire 26 100 62 22 8 9
Sling Stop KS Dyneema 11 22
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