Lightweight Egg Crate Foldable Sleeping Pad(Extra thick) 防潮蛋槽蛋巢折疊地墊 加厚版(單人)

Mobi Garden
  • Quick rebound, good moisture resistance: IXPE material + back aluminum foil. IX XPE is a new type of free continuous foaming material, which is widely used in automobile interior decoration, sports leisure, marine navigation industry, etc. Good performance and good plasticity
  • Soft and comfortable egg nest design: Egg nest groove can effectively retain air, comfortable heat insulation and warmth Ⅸ XPE material is soft and comfortable, with good resilience
  • Easy storage: The egg nests are inlaid with each other and shrink in volume, only about 420g in weight
Folding size
About 500g
IXPE+aluminium coating

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