Horai autolocking carabiner 自動鎖釦

  • Automatic lock opens by squeezing the carabiner and pulling the gate
  • Large opening, special geometry and keylock nose to easily clip cables and anchors
  • Release lever on back is constructed from lightweight, grippable material
  • Ergonomic and functional design

The Horai is a new super strong via ferrata carabiner featuring an ergonomic design to increase grip and improve handling action. Large gate opening, special inner geometry and keylock nose facilitate clipping and unclipping of cables and anchors. The locking mechanism is very user-friendly and super safe — the gate opens by squeezing the
back lever and gate together. The specific design of the back protects the release lever, preventing accidental openings; the nose is designed to protect climber fingers when holding the carabiner. Graphics on the device indicate whether the carabiner is open or locked allowing users to know immediately if the release lever has been pressed.


120 g, 4.2 oz


ID: 2128
Height (mm) : 160
Width (mm): 76
Gate Opening (mm): 32
Major Axis (kN): 25
Minor Axis (kN): 7
Open Gate (kN): 8

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