Hold Up (Ascender)


A compact ventral ascender for ascending ropes

  • The attachment hole protrudes from the ascender’s body at a 90 degree angle. This ensures the device remains both upright and parallel to the user’s body and allows the rope to easily slide through the device.
  • Positioned low on the harness to maximise progression with every move.
  • All-metal construction of the operating mechanism to increase durability.
  • An ergonomic protruding lever facilitates cam operation.
  • Compatible with all PRO harnesses through the use of a FLAT LINK connector, which connects the harness to the ascender.
Nom Valeur
Norme EN 567 - 2013 Ø8-13mm | EN 12841 - 2006-B Ø 10-13mm 100kg
Weight 90 g
Matière Aluminium
Certification CE
Produit Pro oui
Famille HOLD
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