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Go System
Gas lantern

Compact, lightweight lantern that gives up to 80w of light output, perfect for use at campsites.

Lightweight, compact lantern (up to 80w). Auto-start piezo igniter. Straight Glass chimney globe with easy access clip lid and carry / hanging chain. Secure connection to EN417 gas cartridge. 

  • Steel/Brass/Tin
  • Piezo auto-start ignition system.
  • Straight “chimney” glass
  • Fuelled by a directly attached Go System EN417 gas cartridge.
  • Compatible with any Go System threaded cartridge
  • 560 watts.
  • 20g of gas consumed per hour.
  • Continuous burn time of 10 hours 30 mins per 220g cartridge.
  • 80w light output.
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