anchor system

Detachable anchor system. The ESCAPER allows you to use a single length of rope and to rappel it from remove locations. It can be used with all rope diameters, the limits being imposed by the braking device that is used with the rope.
It works with rope lengths up to 80m. The length can be limited by the friction of the rope. To retrieve the ESCAPER, pull then / release the rope. It takes an average of 8 consecutive pull/release motions to detach and retrieve the ESCAPER.

Strong Points
  • Extremely safe, it only requires a tension of 10 kg to avoid the locking system from sliding.
  • A total loosening of the tension on the rope generates a sliding of a few centimeters.
  • A sliding of at least 50 cm is necessary to detach the system.
  • Very light: made of rope, webbing and bungee band (100 % textile).
Standard EN 795B
Certification CE
Strenght 18 kN (1800 kg)
Weight 100 g
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