Cortina Shirt Short Sleeves

Short sleeves shirts

Mens functional cooling Tencel® shortsleeve shirt.

Product description for Ortovox M MERINO VINTAGE CORTINA SHIRT SHORT SLEEVE, Blue Navy Outerwear Male

When color meets crag you are absolutely right with the Merino Vintage Cortina Shirt Short Sleeve M by ORTOVOX.

The functional, lively and colorful tunics and shirts of the Merino vintage series by ORTOVOX don’t just put you in a good mood – the material mix of fi ne merino wool and Tencel® wood fibers also provides high wear comfort and cools naturally on hot days. The reason for the cooling effect of Tencel® lies in the fiber itself: fibrils, a network of submicroscopic channels, transport moisture quickly and evenly to the fiber core.

The wood fibers also have a high basic moisture content (13%), great evaporative coolness and a smooth surface. All of this means that the Tencel® fibers of the Merino Vintage Cortina Shirt Short Sleeve M by ORTOVOX can absorb a large quantity of moisture while their surface remains dry.

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