Family Insect Repellent 6oz Lotion (20% DEET)

Mosquitoes repellent


  • Odorless, non-greasy, and perspiration resistant lotion
  • Designed to be compatible with the use of sunscreen
  • Effective against ticks and ALL mosquitoes including those carrying West Nile Virus.
  • EPA-approved formula controls DEET exposure by encapsulating DEET in a protein that dissolves slowly, releasing the DEET over a longer period of time
  • Use in conjunction with Sawyer® Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment, for double protection
  • 20% DEET formula
  • Always use as directed
  • protects adults and kids up to 11 hours

Available Sizes

[SP526] – 6 oz. lotion

Up to 11 Hours of Protection

Sawyer’s Controlled Release insect repellent uses a patented Sub Micron Encapsulation process that captures DEET inside a Micale protein, controlling the evaporation of the DEET and allowing it to be effective all day — up to 11 hours. With this method, Sawyer Controlled Release insect repellent provides significant water resistance, a non-greasy dry feel, and long lasting protection.


An excellent choice for parents who are concerned about their kids’ exposure to DEET, our Controlled Release formula ensures only very minimal amounts of DEET are ever on the skin at any one time for possible absorption. It’s ideal for anyone who requires repeated use of insect repellent — particularly over the course of a week of backpacking or at summer camp.

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