Chicken supreme with ratatouille 脫水糧

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Origin : Czech Republic

Don’t expect neatly arranged slices of vegetables just as the mouse in the movie could make. However, you can expect delicious flavor of fresh vegetables steamed together with tomato puree and a mixture of spices. The chicken breasts are marinated for a day, then baked as a whole and finely sliced at the end. Perfect light meal even in the middle of the day before more exercise.

chicken breast (27%), eggplant (22%), zucchini (22%), red pepper (15%), tomato puree (9%), olive oil, canola oil, curcuma, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, pepper, spice

Allergy information: May contain traces of gluten

Nutrition Facts 100 g Meal
Energy value kcal 90,0 360,0
Energy value kJ 377,0 1508
Fat g 3,7 14,8
Saturated fat g 0,5 2,0
Protein g 9,7 38,8
Carbohydrates g 4,5 18,0
Sugar g 2,5 10,0
Salt g 1,24 5,0

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