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Food supplement based on vitamins and minerals. With caffeine (40 mg / caps). Recommended for sports in very hot and / or humid conditions, to limit muscle cramps and to prevent a decrease in efficiency as a result of dehydration during exercise. The caffeine increases the athlete's energy efficiency during the activity.


Contains caffeine (40 mg / caps). Not recommended for children. DESCRIPTION The SUB9 PRO SALTS ELECTROLYTES are a variation of our SUB9 SALTS ELECTROLYTES, in which we have replaced the ginger with caffeine.

They are formulated to supplement the electrolytes lost during exercise and physical activity with extra caffeine (40 mg / caps) for optimal efficiency. These help prevent dehydration and therefore cramps and injury.

The SUB9 PRO SALTS ELECTROLYTES replenish in the correct proportion the salts and minerals that are lost through perspiration during sports and competitions, so that our body is rehydrated for proper functioning. Each capsule contains exactly 250mg sodium, 54mg potassium, 2.5mg calcium, 19.7mg magnesium.

Vitamin D aids in the absorption and utilization of the calcium, and vitamin B6 is essential for the proper functioning of the enzymes and provides proteins for the metabolism. The function of the caffeine mainly consists in: Increase in alertness.

Fight the fatigue. Stimulation of fat mobilization, so that the availability of fuel for muscle function is increased and the glycogen reserves are maintained. Due to the capsule format, they are very easy to take, thanks to the quality ingredients they are easily digestible, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

INSTRUCTIONS Take 1 to 2 capsules per hour, with at least one glass of water with each intake (150 ml), up to a maximum of 5 capsules, so that the recommended amount of 200 mg caffeine per day is not exceeded. NET WEIGHT 2.2 g (2 capsules). WARNINGS Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the explicitly recommended daily dose: 5 pieces. Keep out of the reach of children.


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