Energy Drink(Lemon)50g

Energy drink

Its main advantage lies in its rapid supply of energy to the body without the need for sugars and in its low mineral salt content, which guarantees that the intake of other products containing minerals (gels, snack bars, capsules…) is not prejudicial.

It is especially recommended for use in physical exercise and competitions lasting 90’ or more and for carb-loading prior to long lasting competitions.

Food supplement in powder based on carbohydrates, with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. With sweetener.

This is basically an energy product, essential for training, long lasting competitions or loading up on Carbohydrates before competition.

We utilize energy and minerals during exercise based on:

  • Environmental factors: Temperature and humidity.
  • Physiological factors: How much energy and minerals we burn.
  • Nutritional factors. The diet we are following, or foods we consume.

ENERGY DRINK contains:

  • Amilopectina as an energy source:
    -Stomach empties up to 80% faster.
    -Refills your glycogen deposits up to 70% faster.
  • Taurina as a vasodilator:
    -Increases oxygen transport to the muscles.
    -Improves performance.
  • L-Carnitina activates fat metabolism:
    -Preserves glycogen deporits.
    -Improves energy efficiency.
  • Vitamin complex: Extras boost of the main vitamins.


Add 4 measures of product with the dispenser included inside (4×12,5g = 50g) in 500ml of water and shake. Regularly consume small doses of 150-200 ml every 15/20 minutes, Approx. 500-800 ml every 60 minutes before and during exercise.

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