Canyoneer 3

Canyoneering shoes
$998.00 $400.00

FiveTen have always been a leader in canyoneering, and have been making canyoning shoes for over twenty years. This is the latest in the line of canyoning shoes.
These are the improvements of the Canyoneer3 versus the Canyoneer2:

  • improved heelcage, less clunky
  • slimmer, less risk of the shoe getting caught in a crack
  • welded rubber, interlocking with the mesh. No possibility that the rubber and mesh get separated.
  • increased lug pattern, easier release of mud and dirt from the sole of the shoe
  • durable laces, with pocket to tuck away the laces
  • neoprene collar, gives support without hindering movement
  • Stealth S1 rubber
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